Offending the Hooeys

It was brought to my attention that there are other people in my family who could, technically, go by Hooey as well, and that Pulling a Hooey could be offensive to them.

*thinks about it*

*remembers all the times my dad has done something ridiculous, like burn his eyebrows off*

*thinks back to my sister as a teenager*

*adds that to my gazillion cousins, aunts, uncles, and so forth*

*plus me (which counts for at least ten normal Hooeys)*

I’ve concluded that Pulling a Hooey can stay. Go forth and cause destruction to yourself. If you’re really good I may give you a chance to share at a later date.

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  1. so would tripping in a pot hole, with both hands in your pockets, and landing squarely on a shoulder, count as pulling a Hooey? Might I petition for an honorary ‘hooey’? Cuz frankly, I’m still landing pretty squarely on a shoulder… if not flat on my face… 😉

    • Was I there for that? This sounds familiar…

      This is actually borderline Pulling a Hooey because I usually catch myself before falling. All my injuries come while standing or sitting.

  2. LOL!! Love it. My coworkers have made one for me… Pulling an Erica, means you’ve done something clutzy or fallen down, or hit your head on something, or said something that doesn’t make sense… I get it. Love the name!!

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