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  1. Funky Cold Medina! Haven’t heard that in ages!

    This weekend, I shall be editing. And editing. And edi– you get the idea.


    PS – *poke* *poke* *poke*

  2. Nadine

    Sorry for da funk. Hope your weekend is funkless.

    This weekend Matt is at a wedding in CA so I’m flying solo. Me and Harvey are going to hang out all weekend, eat some carrots, watch a few movies and probably do some cleaning. I’m looking forward to the downtime actually.

  3. JLC

    *Plays funky town over and over while doing her Turkey dance*

    Sorry your’re’e feeling funkified. (hugs)

    This has been a cr@ptastic couple of weeks for me. *sigh* This weekend will be filled with home improvement junk. *another sigh*

    Try and enjoy your weekend!!

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