You Held On to Your Hat!

As you can see, my new website is up and running!

This site includes my blog AND my design and writing samples. Yes, a couple years ago I decided to separate my writing and design sites, but that proved to be more of an ordeal than it was worth. So until I decide to change my mind again (I kid), this is your place for one stop Hoo shopping.

Can you guess which part I’m most excited about?

I adore the photos (which I took in my basement Saturday afternoon), and I’m proud that after nine months I’ve finally updated my blogroll (let me know if you’re not listed), but the item that has me most excited is the Google Friend Connect! I can finally see who’s following me!

So, please please please bookmark it, copy and paste it, or do whatever it is you do to save highly important websites. Ahem. I’ll love you forever if you follow me.

Special thanks to my friends who succumbed to my brow-beating on Sunday.

Starting Wednesday all posts will be here, but I’ll leave a light on at my old blog so stragglers can find their way.

Now, can anyone name the movie reference in the title?

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