New Beginnings

Thursday will mark one year since I left stepped off a plane from Mexico, introduced my Mexican puppy to snow, and pressed restart on my life.

But that’s not what this post is about (that’ll be Wednesday). The new beginning I’d like to talk about today is for my latest novel. I’ve received wonderful feedback so far, and one reader made the observation that while she loved my character development, the plot takes a little while to get started. Which is kind of a bad thing.

I spent the weekend brainstorming and had a general idea forΒ a fix when I hopped in my car and headed to Chicago. Wouldn’t you know the perfect opening line came to me while I was driving on the highway.

Fortunately I’d tossed a notepad in the car, so with the cruise control set and a quick check to make sure no other cars were around me, I scribbled a page of notes for the new beginning. Now I just need to get started.

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    • I do think a voice recorder would be handy. I always get ideas when I can’t write them down.

      And for the record, this was on the way TO Chicago when it was sunny and dry. I wouldn’t have attempted writing notes in that storm!

  1. As I am writing the middle of my WIP, my mind keeps skipping back to the beginning and all the changes I’ll be needing to make. It takes a while for a story to ‘warm up’ so I almost always need to go back and add some more ‘heat’ to the beginning.

    Yay for your Americanniversary! πŸ˜€

  2. Allen

    I use voice mail when I need to remember stuff. I call myself and leave it on the machine. I did get some strange looks from my wife when I left an entire scene for murdering a spouse on the home recorder. Probably shouldn’t do that again.

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