My Parents are Kicking Me Out!!

*tee hee*

Sorry, I never do April Fool’s jokes, and apparently my inability to keep a straight face in real life carries onto the internet as well. I can’t even go two seconds without giggling.

No, my parents aren’t kicking me out, but I am one step closer to having my own place. Remember this post? Well, last weekend I found an apartment complex not far from where I am now that has everything I want. They’re very pet-friendly, have lots of events for residents (so I can make real live friends), the apartments are spacious and face the woods, and there’s a POOL! AND it’s only five minutes from Lake Michigan. Score!

They approved my application this week so now I’m officially on the waiting list. Yay! More waiting! I’ll be moving either the beginning of May or beginning of June — it all depends on when dog-friendly apartments become available — so in the meantime I’ll be gathering all the odds and ends I still need. You’ll all be relieved to know I’ve already ordered an 18-piece knife set.



Just practicing.

Anyway, as you can imagine, all of us in Hooville are very excited at this turn of events. Now, does anyone have a spare vacuum?

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  1. Allen

    Does this mean your parents can go back to having sex on the kitchen table whenever they want?

    You can tell they are getting ready. Does your Dad have a sort of weird smile on his face? Did your Mom buy the extra large can of Crisco recently? Is there an industrial size roll of of plastic wrap under the sink? Is there a pair of spurs hiding next to the riding crop in the pantry?

    congrats on the apartment.

    (sorry HooDad and HooMom. I couldn’t resist. It’s April 1, you know.)

  2. ab

    I have hardly any carpet & 2 but you can’t have one. One is solely for Speedy’s cage 🙂
    Sweet on the find! Hope something opens soon for you!

  3. Does this new complex have birds that are fried by the electric wires? How about stray dogs roaming the streets? Can you hear people shouting the news from below? Make sure they have plenty of cockroaches in the cupboards!! 🙂

    I don’t have any extra vacuums, but with a pooch at home, you may want to invest the $$$$ in a Dyson. I’ve had mine for over 6 years and it is awesome. Still runs like a champ and I vacuum 2500sqft of carpet each week.

    Don’t forget the toaster oven!!

    • LOL!! Hopefully none of the above, although the exploding pigeons were really quite amusing. The ensuing power outages were not, but the big pop was always entertaining.

      Fortunately Owen doesn’t shed so I don’t have the same issue with pet hair.

      And I cannot TELL you how excited I am for the toaster oven!!

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