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  1. Penguin

    Spring sucks.
    It is almost as bad a summer, but not as bad as fall.
    But fall is good, because that means winter is coming.

    The shoes look great, but you can keep those allergy trees over there. That said I did fertilize the rose bush behind my apartment so it would be big and full of flowers(I know call me a glutton for punishment, but they look so cool).

  2. I love all the flowers and blossoms of spring, and even the occasional rainbow, but spring has to be the most depressing time of year for me. I don’t think we get a full week of sun between October and July, and by April, its tough getting through all this rain. Its the reason why we try to plan vacations in the Spring. It helps us get through it without falling into a heap of depression.

    • That was my one concern when we were considering moving to the northwest. I don’t need constant sunshine (as Mexico taught me) but I so need a little.

      I hope you enjoyed your glimpse the other day!

  3. Great shoes! I love changing to warm weather clothes. I love being able to jog at night. I used to think everyone seems happier in the spring, but I’m reevaluating that opinion, uh, Penguin and JL…

    • Robin, I think it’s still safe to assume most people are happy in spring. 🙂 And I LOVE my shoes. I’m supposed to go to a dance on Friday and rumor has it it’ll be in the 70s. They’re coming out!

  4. Allen

    I love watching the girls with new shoes tripping and falling off of their high heels while strolling through the park.

    Actually my favorite thing about spring is the dogwoods blooming in the forests with all that color. I love to walk to Monroe Park, sit on the bench and wait for the sunset over the trees.

    The white flowers, the golden sun, and the green of the lawn is peaceful. If I ever would commit suicide, it wold be there in the spring. Thank God for summer.

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