Summer ‘ku

Thoughts from a late night perusing friends’ friends lists and other posts on Facebook…

Freakfest on Facebook.
Spray tans + protein, oh why
did I give you up?

My long-ago crush
has a toddler named Owen.
The universe speaks!

Oh vague status posts…
If only you intrigued me
as your poster planned.

The Q despairs, for
without no home, my ten-point
lead evaporates.

Server won’t respond,
my night of frivolity
must come to an end.

Would you care to share / how you spent your Tuesday night? / haiku is preferred.

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Writer. Designer. Jock. Reader. Wife. Puppy-Mama. SCBWI member since 2015.


  1. Allen

    Thunder rumbles mid
    The lost television screen
    Off to bed we go.

    Lightning awakes Us
    From a dark, dreary night’s sleep
    The rustling house shakes.

    The place is a trembling
    From the matchless Sport of Gods
    That’s bowling at night

  2. I can’t remember
    what I did, but t’was either
    reading or writing.

    That one was horrid
    so here is another one
    no extra charge, Hoo.

    I wandered lonely
    as a monkey with bad breath.
    Ooo ooo. Ooo, ooo ooo.


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