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Writing has dominated my posts lately (which is ironic considering I’ve barely written a word this year) but I’ve been busy doing other stuff, too. First, I have a new blog header! Y’all on readers, come take a peek. I hated the previous one because I flipped the picture and I could never get used to looking at my backwards self, but I’m very happy with this version.

I recently bought a new camera and it takes amazing photos and videos. While trying to download a couple movies of Owen, I ended up loading them into iMovie and making my very first movie. Ready for the fun?

Also, that’s my new place!

Finally, I have written a little bit. Here’s the opening line of what I’m hoping will work it’s way into the sequel for Flicker:

Before last month I never gave much thought to my school’s no-hats-allowed policy, but all that changed when Ramirez shaved my head.

What have you been up to?

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  1. LOVE the new header!

    I’m looking forward to the next phase for the two books: marketing! It’ll be nice to drag myself out of the office and talk to someone in full sentences again.

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