What Lies Beneath

As much as I like pretty things, I’ve always prided myself at looking past the surface and really seeing what’s lurking beneath. I read the back cover of books, I make friends based on personality, and I think all dogs are adorable.

But a recent change in my life has changed all that. You see, now that I have bangs, I seem to have completely forgotten about my eyebrows!
Something scraggly this way comes

Between my bangs and my glasses it somehow slipped my mind that that my tweezers have a reason for existing.

Have you ever overlooked something that could be embarrassing if discovered?

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  1. All the time… I do that all the time. Shaving nick, and I scratch it open just to have a trickle of blood on my face when I’m at a customer’s site, Splash my pants when washing my hands and later realize (after everyone else saw me) that it looks like I missed going to the bathroom… all the time.

  2. Allen

    Not quite the same thing, but I once walked to my mailbox, a daily routine I share with a few neighbors. We wave and go about our business sorting the junk from the bills. This one particular day, everyone seemed to be in on a joke I hadn’t been privy to, laughing and giggling as they sorted their mail.

    I looked through mine to see what was so funny, but there was just the regular stuff. When I got inside the door, my wife asked, “You didn’t go out like that, did you?”

    ” What’s wrong?” I asked in return.

    It was at this point I looked to notice that I was naked. Sometimes nudists overlook what they are wearing.

  3. Penguin

    I used to pull big eyebrow hairs. Then I started to notice the ones I pulled out were coming back even bigger. Now I have Ernest Borgnine Eyebrows. So I have given in to the fact that I have big eyebrows(Hey Owen has big eyebrows and you say he is cute).

    As for things overlooked things that might be embarrassing, wow, I would need to write a set of books about the size of most encyclopedias. But then again, not so much overlooked as not worth looking over. I have given into letting things be the way they will be.

  4. Cute post. Tweezers are my friends. Fortunately, I am blonde so hairs that show up on my face aren’t necessarily noticeable. However, I have learned, after drinking a blueberry smoothie, it is often a good idea to check in the mirror to see if any blueberry skins are stuck in my teeth. I’ve also learned that I can’t rely on my husband to point those things out to me. O.o

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