The Hunt for Hooville

I have news! I bought a house! (see below)

A house of my very own!

I’ve also revamped my website! Since I have a website for my design business, Ink Slinger Designs, I’m dedicating this site to writing.

Well, not JUST writing. I am scatterbrained, after all.

I’ve decided to document my adventures as a first-time homeowner here, where the entire internet can laugh and point at me. I have big plans:

    installing a vanity*
    lots of painting (including a huge design in the unfinished basement)
    staining the back deck ad fence (aka Owen’s paradise)
    tearing down a makeshift fort in the garage**
    refinishing the kitchen counter
    more painting
    resealing the hardwood floors
    mowing the lawn***
    and much, much more!

Why keep this bounty of material to myself?

*I will not actually be performing this task, but I will take pictures of my hot carpenter
** believe me when I say I much prefer to keep this, but my inspector assured me it’s a hazard and might collapse
***I’m very excited to do this for the FIRST TIME!

Buckle up and prepare to be amused!

About Melanie Hooyenga

Writer. Designer. Jock. Reader. Wife. Puppy-Mama. SCBWI member since 2015.


  1. Melanie's Mom

    Obviously we neglected your development by not allowing you to mow the lawn when growing up. If you want to practice, you’re welcome to stop by.

    Love the website!

  2. Kristine

    I have so many comments, but I’ll leave just a few for now…congratulations, good luck and happy trails! 😉

  3. Carole

    This is when is gets really good! I can’t wait to see photos of your progress!

    And congratulations on sweeping into home ownership with a bang!

  4. I only have one thing to add to Carole’s post: DeWalt 12v Max drill. It is the ultimate chick tool. Lightweight and powerful enough to get the job done like a boss!

    Have fun! You are awesome.


  5. Susan barajas

    I agree with your mom that your development has been lacking since you haven’t mowed a lawn. But with a tractor? Nah. Have your mom tell you about the push mower we used when growing up. But CONGRATS on the house!!!

  6. Nadine

    Yay! So excited for you!
    BTW: You gave me my first laugh of the day (6:25am) with the line about the hot carpenter!

  7. Nadine

    Ah, so you already know him! I thought you were just hoping you would have a hot carpenter! Cause sometimes they can be, um, sweaty. LOL.

  8. qW

    Beautiful place, Hooey! Best of luck in the new digs!

    (I’ll refrain from suggesting you trim that bush out front, because I know how immature your followers can be.)


  9. Virginia Lee

    I love it! I’m sure you’ll be very happy there. Owen too! Looking forward to reading of your refurbishing adventures too. 🙂 Yay! A HooBlog!

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