One Step Closer to Achieving a Goal

I bought a lawn mower!

This is the Brill 78371 Razorcut 38 15-Inch Reel Push Lawn Mower. My coworker has a similar model (same brand) and has shared all the pros and cons. The biggest pro: it’s quiet and eco-friendly. The biggest con: it doesn’t cut the grass super short and you have grass droppings.

Best of all, it’s entirely human powered so there is no risk of blowing myself up with gasoline or electrocuting myself by running over a cord. (Did you know some electric mowers have cords? That seems like a very moronic idea.) AND I can get a workout while mowing!

Stay tuned for pictures of the actual machine and me using it!

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  1. Jennifer

    We use an electric one… with the cord. We tried the rechargeable one but it doesn’t spin the blades fast enough to cut the lawn cleanly and is awful if the lawn is wet. (Which it always is in the PacNW) The cord is no biggie, hubs and I set up a system to keep the cord from getting in front of the mower. Hedge trimmers on the other hand… *Zap*

    • That’s another thing I need. The hedges in front of the house will soon take over the porch if I don’t get on that.

      You’ll have to show me a picture of your system. Until I started looking at mowers this past month I had no idea the corded versions even existed.

  2. kevin

    Congratulations! I think you’re insane for getting a non motorized mower, but… You always did march to your own drum! LOL!

  3. My grandmother had an electric one. I learned to cut grass using it. Very scary, always looking where the damn cord is, hoping it doesn’t end up under the blades.

    We just gave up on our “lawn.” We shoveled it all out and put in mulch. Next step (after we build the wraparound porch that will eat most of the tiny yard), full garden! No more dirt farm/weed haven. We never got enough sun to allow proper grass to grow. It was like the wild west of bald spots, chickweed, clover, dandelions, and wire grass. Now I have a gas mower to sell. Yay!

    • We’ll see how I do with a yard. I’ve never been responsible for more than a few houseplants, so I will consider this a success as long as a) nobody loses a limb, b) plants don’t take over the yard, and c) the grass remains a greenish color until fall.

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