That Time I Won an Award and Forgot to Tell Anyone

In the months leading up to the publication of THE SLOPE RULES, I researched all kinds of ways to promote my book. Among them was contests—particularly the contests that also give reviews. There are plenty of places that will review your book for a fee, but I opted to stick with contests because then I also had the chance to win!

Cut to a couple months ago, when we were at our busiest at work and I was knee-deep in a new novel, and I found out I’d placed in a contest! Children’s Literary Classics has divisions for over a dozen categories, and THE SLOPE RULES won silver (second) for High School Romance!

They also gave me a fabulous review (or blurb, in publishing-speak)!

Author Melanie Hooyenga tells it like it is in this remarkably honest coming of age story. Written in the vernacular of today’s teens, this highly relatable book is sure to resonate with young audiences. The Slope Rules offers drama, action and age-appropriate romance all wrapped up in an inspiring, page-turning read.

Isn’t that incredible?

The awards ceremony is this weekend in South Dakota, but I can’t go for a number of reasons—too much travel and activity lately AND my BFFs arrive at my house in nine hours!—but I’m thrilled to be a winner.

I still have a couple more entries floating around and if I place, I promise to tell you in a more timely manner.


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